Geany Windows Nightly builds

The files included in this zip archive are created automatically from
the GIT repository on a nightly base.

The binaries are not tested in any way, use them at your own risk. They
are built against GTK 2.24.10, so in order to use these binaries you
should/must also use a GTK 2.24.0 or newer runtime environment.

Just extract this zip archive into your regular Geany installation
directory and start Geany. The About dialog should mention the
revision number in the header which was used when creating these files.

Index of /win32/

File Name  ↓ File Size  ↓ Date  ↓ 
57.6 KiB2018-Oct-21 02:23
25.3 KiB2018-Oct-21 02:23
49.0 KiB2018-Oct-21 02:27
22.3 KiB2018-Oct-21 02:27
1.9 MiB2018-Oct-21 02:27